Warranty rules


The Manufacturer provides the Customer with a warranty on EliteBoard brand products on the conditions described below. 

EliteBoard product line:

• LCD displays for building video walls

• Interactive LCD displays 

• LCD displays without interactive 

• Interactive whiteboards


The warranty period depends on the type of product and is indicated as below:

1) ADVANCED LCD displays for building video walls - 3 years

2) BASIC LCD displays for building video walls - 1 year with possibility to extend the warranty

3) Interactive LCD displays - 2 years

4) LCD displays without interactive - 3 years

5) Interactive whiteboards - 5 years

6) Smart TV Pro - 1 year

The warranty period is calculated from the date of transfer of the new product to the Buyer, and ends after the expiration of the period specified in "Warranty period".
EliteBoard brand products also have a lifetime: on “LCD displays for building video walls”, “Interactive LCD displays”, “LCD displays without interactive” - 5 years; “Interactive boards” - 7 years, subject to the observance of the operating rules. The service life is calculated from the date of manufacture of the product, unless otherwise specified by the user manual. 


The manufacturer guarantees the quality of materials and the assembly of the products manufactured under the EliteBoard brand. During the entire warranty period, the Manufacturer undertakes to eliminate defects in products that arose due to the fault of the Manufacturer without charging a fee to the Buyer. Warranty obligations are satisfied within the warranty area at the discretion of the Manufacturer by repairing, replacing defective parts or exchanging for products of equal quality without charging a fee in the amount of labor costs or cost of materials. Satisfaction of warranty claims does not entail either an extension of the warranty period or its reapplication. The manufacturer restores ownership of the replaced parts.


The warranty does not apply to damage or defects for which the Manufacturer is not responsible, and which include, in particular, the following:

(1) Improper operation; mechanical damage (scratches, abrasions, impressions, breaks, cracks or chips); liquids entering the product; neglect, including foreign objects or insects getting into the product; improper storage or cleaning; damage during transportation, improper operation or any other defect that appeared due to the fault of the client or a third party.

(2) Connection or operation of the product for other than its intended purpose and non-compliance with the operation and installation manual for this type of product, or technical and safety standards and safety standards in force in the country of use.

(3) Failure to comply with the requirements of the care and maintenance manuals during the maintenance and care of the product.

(4) Continuous, including partial reproduction of still images (widespread damage to the display, so-called “burn-out”, afterimage or afterimage).

(5) Extraordinary operating conditions compared to normal operating conditions in the office or at home (for example, operation in a smoky or dusty atmosphere, or at a temperature that is not in accordance with the operating temperature range prescribed for this product, as well as under the influence of ultraviolet / infrared radiation).

(6) Deficiencies or changes in the power supply or electrical circuits (voltage fluctuations, use of excessive or improper power supply (input voltage)) caused by extraneous electrical appliances or other external conditions.

(7) Force majeure, fire, flood, chemical or biological contamination, military operations, violent acts or similar events.

(8) Amendments to the design or circuitry of the product by persons who were not authorized by the Manufacturer.

(9) Wear parts are excluded from the warranty (they may be subject to the special conditions of the warranty).

(10) Poor maintenance and repair, or the use of non-original spare parts that have not been approved by the Manufacturer.

(11) Computer virus infection or operation of the product with installed extraneous software that is not included in the delivery package or with incorrectly installed software from the delivery package.

(12) For optional equipment and options offered on specified products.

(13) Accessories such as packaging, connecting cables, consoles, manipulators (pointers, styluses, etc.), mounting devices (bolts, fasteners, connecting elements), instructions, batteries (batteries, batteries) or other consumables, having a limited service life that are used with the product and must be replaced in the prescribed manner, are not covered by the warranty.

(14) Faded pixels are an inevitable consequence of the application of liquid crystal display technology and digital light processing. They can be recognized as a defect in accordance with the terms of this warranty only if they do not meet the technical specifications for the product according to the data sheet (ISO 13406-2, Class II).

(15) Products with modified, deleted, or illegible serial numbers are excluded from the warranty.

(16) The cost of installation / installation / installation or dismantling / uninstallation of the purchased goods is not included in the price of the goods, is not included in the list of works performed under this warranty or warranty service, and is not included in the warranty. If the customer submits a claim for deficiencies excluded from the guarantee, the Manufacturer reserves the right, but is not obligated to eliminate such defects and charge the customer a fee in the amount incurred, in connection with this, based on a preliminary written agreement that will be concluded with the customer in this respect.


Warranty obligations declared within the warranty area are processed by specialists of authorized EliteBoard partners who provide after-sales services (www.eliteboard.com).

These warranty service conditions apply only to products under the EliteBoard trademark.