EliteBoard at Kursk State Medical University

Kursk State Medical University is one of the oldest universities in Kursk and reputable medical schools in Russia. 

“When choosing a teaching technology taking into account current trends in higher medical education, the teaching process includes active and innovative forms and methods of teaching, interactive approaches to lecturing, problem-oriented teaching, team and project training, etc”. 

In order to improve the quality of the educational process and the productive teamwork of the faculty and students, as well as remote communication with the professional community, it was decided to equip the university with modern means of visualizing information.

Considering the educational requirements for video walls, the choice was made in favor of reliable professional EliteBoard displays with high image quality, the possibility of continuous 24/7 operation and convenient control.

For the classroom and meeting room, thin EliteBoard LCD Displays have been selected.

In the shortest possible time, installation and commissioning work was carried out to create a 2x2 video wall from 4 x 55 ”EliteBoard BB555FCBED LCD Displays in the classroom:

and 2x2 video walls of 4 x 49 “EliteBoard BB555FCBED LCD Displays in the Meeting Room:

The selected panels are characterized by high reliability, wide viewing angles, the width of the seam in the composition of the video wall - 3.5 mm, direct LED backlight.

The integrated controller allows to divide the image into panels within the video wall, perform three-dimensional signal processing to obtain high-quality detailed images.

The presence of different interfaces: HDMI, VGA, DVI and DP, DP signal output, allows to connect any video source and broadcast material from different cities and countries of the world.

Already now, Kursk State Medical University is conducting training sessions and meetings using the most modern visualization and information exchange tools - information video walls based on EliteBoard LCD Displays.

The project was implemented by LOMBERG company