19.08.2019 11:25:27

EliteBoard video wall in the Information Center of the CEC of Russia

The information center of the CEC of Russia has received a new information display system based on the EliteBoard video wall.
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20.08.2019 20:10:35


Customer: Administration of the President of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk
Product: VW EliteBoard BB495FCBED

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23.04.2020 11:25:27

EliteBoard Advanced series panels for Tex-Design company

Multimedia equipment project for the Tex-Design company, a leading manufacturer of exclusive fabrics and home textiles.
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23.04.2020 11:25:27

EliteBoard in Gazprom gas distribution Tomsk

The control center of Gazprom Gas Distribution Tomsk is equipped with the main element of the information display system - a 2x2 video wall, built on the basis of 4 EliteBoard 55" thin-screen LCD displays under the control of a Videon 6x4 video controller for displaying a video surveillance system.
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24.04.2020 10:49:37

EliteBoard video display system in Coral LLC

Coral LLC, the largest agricultural company in the Tver Region, received a modern video display system built on the basis of 22 EliteBoard LCD panels.
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24.04.2020 11:02:05

EliteBoard video wall in the Space 307

Space 307, a product IT company in St. Petersburg, received an excellent information visualization solution - a 2x2 video wall from 4 thin EliteBoard BB555FCBED LCD panels.
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24.04.2020 11:11:09

Two EliteBoard video walls in 7 days for 2 regions of the Russian Federation

Smart Senture company in one week implemented two projects with EliteBoard video walls in two Russian federal districts: Central and North-West.
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24.04.2020 13:13:05

EliteBoard at Galamart's Sales Store

EliteBoard video wall construction were installed in the GALAMART store in Moscow.
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27.04.2020 10:41:26

EliteBoard at IKEA in the Aviapark Moscow shopping center

Information video wall at IKEA - the first full-format store of the famous Swedish retailer in Moscow Aviapark, the largest shopping and entertainment center in Europe.
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27.04.2020 11:13:30

EliteBoard video wall in Krasnodar fitness center

A project to equip a comprehensive video display system of the BALANCE FITNESS FAMILY & SPA in Krasnodar.
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